Highlighted Work

I've worked on projects large and small, from just front-end development to taking on the entire architecture of complex websites. Below is a sampling of some of the projects I have worked on.

Decarb My State

Charting a path to zero emissions for every U.S. state by combining disparate data sources into unified stories and visualizations.

Electrify Chicago

Mapping and ranking Chicago's dirtiest and cleanest big buildings to inform citizens and policy makers.

The Carbon Challenge

A project to help build support for climate policies by clearly showing specific policy impacts.

Packback Questions

Advancing a higher education discussion platform with new features, animations, and accessibility improvements


Creating a brand-new signup for property tax appeals to make custom onboarding fast and easy


Leveraging the Spotify API to make music visual


A full-fledged calendar web application with integrated social functionality, to make scheduling more social

Scroll Stop

A Chrome extension that boosts productivity by reducing distractions