Photo of Viktor Köves on his White Gazelle ebike, riding down Chicago's Lakefront trail
          past a tennis court, wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sunglasses

Viktor Köves

I’m a front-end engineer with years of experience making websites that are beautiful and accessible. Whether you are building a new website from scratch, want to improve your styling, or need an accessibility overhaul, I can help.

Need help leveling up your web presence or accessibility? Drop me a line at

Accessible by Default

Accessibility is fundamental to all of my work, and I use a variety of tools to ensure the sites I build work well for everyone.

Out Of This World Websites

I build websites that are lively, animated, and use the latest web technologies, letting your designs really shine.

Blazing Fast Performance

I leverage the latest web technologies and front-end techniques to create websites that load in a snap and quickly respond to input.


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